Cooperation Projects

Optimizing Regional Marketing and networking for development of a corporate marketing and branding strategy for the entire Alpine Space

­Sustainable Power Systems

for the Alpine Space to provide new knowledge-based incomes and business opportunities to farmers, traditional and innovative enterprises, thus supporting the competitiveness of the Alpine ventures.

Carbon Neutral Transport for the Alpine Space - ­partners from different sectors tested alternative transport technologies and mobility management measures .

Alpine Energy Meetings on Advanced Technologies - to foster existing SMEs in the Alpine Space to take Benefit of the emerging Age of Renewable Energies.

­Energy Storage for the Alpine Space - Strategies to use a variety of mobile and stationary storages to allow for extended accessibility and the integration of renewable energies

Alpine Freight Railway - Operation solutions for the transalpine railway freight traffic for sustainable management of connections of the economic areas within the Alpine Space.

Transalpine Transport Architects for the logistic market in the Alpine Space by upgrading intermodal nodes and offering new connections

Baltic-Adriatic Transport Cooperation - for sustainable and harmonised advancement of the Baltic-Adriatic transport axis and its competitiveness. As accessibility is a precondition for economic development and growth

Smart ICT networking solutions allowing accessibility 4 all - tackling the fragmented functioning of transnational multimodal freight transport chains by providing an interoperable and distributed ICT solution.

Projects in this list have not been carried out by Redmint as a company, but represent the professional experience of single Redmint’s members.

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