Anja Seyfert

Anja Seyfert

Dipl.-Ing. in Environmental Protection and Regional Planning, Dipl.-Ing for Architecture.

Since 2007 she carries out research and project management activities in several cooperation and research projects at international (Interreg, FP7) and national level on regional development, sustainable energy and mobility, innovation and SMEs.

Her scientific fields of interest include sustainability management, corporate social responsibility, durable regional development and environmental management.

Her responsibilities include among others project coordination and financial management of international projects, budget planning, preparation of reports for the European Commission and other funding authorities.

Further experiences include the development of studies, concepts and guidelines, training materials, content related and organizational preparation and review of workshops and media-events, marketing and public relations.

Expert for Project Management, Sustainability and Environmental Management


+ 49 (0)173 799 51 67


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