A cooperative network promoting sustainable development through social innovation and participative approaches, fostering technology transfer and behavioral change in European Regions.

Our fields of action

Redmint activities focus on four main thematic fields, valorizing the commitment

of the partners according to their specific competencies and expertise

developed within the academic, applied and territorial cooperation environments:


­To us, intelligent mobility means the capacity to deliver low carbon, energy efficient and seamless solutions by encouraging the behavioral change process and a responsible use of technology as enabler to social innovation, ensuring social inclusion, accessibility, freedom to travel.


Regional development actions aim at improving quality of life

and competitiveness of the territories along common

sustainability patterns, according to their inhabitants’ needs

and reinforcing social cohesion by fostering participation of all different citizens groups and stakeholders.



­Redmint vision on innovation and technology is strongly connected with the theme of inclusive growth. Technologies with high potential in improving competitiveness of the territory are enablers and must match and support social innovation processes towards new collaborative models enhancing cohesion.


­Raising awareness towards a more responsible and efficient use of scarce resources, creating the conditions for a better integration of renewable energies in people’s every day life. Redmint actions focus  on behavior, technology, regulatory frameworks and new business and collaborative environments.

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